Planners join ‘skills in demand’ list

Financial planners holding a degree and an advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (ADFP), and preferably a Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP) have now joined the skills in demand list, according to Hays.

According to the recruitment company's ‘Quarterly report of skills in demand', there was a number of professions across the financial services industry that were now in high demand by employers.

Apart from financial planners, the list saw a growing demand for investment strategists, banking and commercial lawyers, highly skilled financial accountants as well as management accountants.

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The report also stressed a growing demand for knowledge-intensive jobs, in which the candidates could prove its ability to adapt to the rapidly changing world of work and to the new technologies.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand, said: "The biggest hiring trend this quarter is the growing number of knowledge-intensive jobs that are now suitably skilled , experienced and educated candidates are in short supply".

According to Hays, candidates with skills known as "knowledge workers", proved to be most looked after as not only they can fill in the positions requiring a large amount of knowledge, but they are often capable of applying their technical expertise to find a solution quickly.

Other professions from the list included also architects, business performance, commercial analysts, engineers and teachers.

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