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Relative Return: Where MFS is seeing bond opportunities

In this episode of Relative Return, host Laura Dew speaks with Owen Murfin, investment officer and institutional fixed…

1 min read

Relative Return: Advisers’ role in supporting the retirement transition

In this latest episode of Relative Return, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic speaks with Justine Marquet, head of technical…

1 min read

Four Top Innovator Stocks in US Infrastructure

The transformation of US infrastructure presents significant opportunities for investors.

1 min read
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Relative Return: Demystifying the use of hedge funds

In this episode of Relative Return, host Keith Ford sits down with Mariana Paul, investment specialist for O’Connor and…

1 min read

Small caps, big opportunities

There are compelling tailwinds driving global small-cap stocks at the moment, which present an opportunity for…

1 min read

Relative Return: What do fund managers look for in new hires?

In this episode of Relative Return, host Laura Dew speaks with Mischa Bennett, managing director of Capital Executive…

1 min read

Why AI and China are Driving Copper Demand

Copper prices have surged recently, driven by a mix of inflationary pressures and disruptions in supply and demand.…

1 min read

The Resurgence of US Infrastructure

Infrastructure is one of the backbones of economic prosperity and societal well-being, and here, in the 21st century,…

1 min read

Inflation uncertainty makes retirement planning harder

When I drive up the coast for a summer holiday, packing is easy. Shorts, t-shirts, thongs – done. It’s a bit different…

1 min read

Relative Return: Taking an ESG lens to active ETFs

In this episode of Relative Return, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic chats with James Harwood, director and senior portfolio…

1 min read

Bridging the gap as HNW clients seek alternatives

Advisers and platforms have a role to play in supporting their clients with alternative investments, according to…

1 min read
By Zagga

Private debt on the rise as investors look for income and dial down risk: Zagga

A growing cohort of investors are looking to private real estate lending to provide property exposure with less…

1 min read

Relative Return: The long view – megatrends to watch

In this episode of Relative Return, host Keith Ford speaks with Matt Reynolds, investment director at Capital Group,…

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Noah Elshin

So much value destruction. And where is Board accountability? Will John Abernethy ever go to save the company?...

12 hours ago

Get rid of the rest of the old guard to clean up the culture, then you might have a chance....

4 days 9 hours ago
Ray Mitchell

The previous directors and managers of both Dixon Advisory and the ultimate holding company Evans and Partners should be...

4 days 22 hours ago

Insignia Financial has unveiled a new operating model and executive team, including a new head of advice, while three senior executives are set to depart the licensee....

5 days 11 hours ago

ASIC has obtained interim orders from the Federal Court to freeze the assets of a registered managed fund and prevent its former director from leaving Australia. ...

3 weeks 6 days ago

The $280 billion Australian Retirement Trust is the first superannuation fund off the block to report its performance for the 2023-24 financial year....

2 weeks 1 day ago