Phil Kewin takes on new role

Phil Kewin, former Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) chief executive has been appointed as CEO of the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA), joining on 16 August, 2021.

He would replace the current CEO, Dallas Booth, who was retiring from the role on 31 October, 2021.

Kewin was AFA CEO for the last four years and stepped down in late March, with Phil Anderson taking over as acting CEO.

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Prior to his time at the AFA, Kewin was responsible for the adviser life risk and investment business at Zurich Australia, including five years as general manager of life and investments. Prior to Zurich, he had his own financial planning business.

Dianne Phelan, NIBA president, said: “Philip has a long track record of successful leadership in a number of key positions in financial services.

“His extensive experience, high levels of integrity and authenticity, are what we believe make him very well qualified for the role at NIBA.

“We look forward to Philip joining the organisation and to working closely with him to deliver on our key strategic objectives.”

Kewin said: “I look forward to working with the NIBA board, the members and the team at NIBA to continue the organisation’s goals and objectives and build on the solid platform set by Dallas Booth.

“They certainly are big shoes to fill. There will be much work to be done leading into 2022 and beyond, and I look forward to meeting the challenges.”

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Kindly name me one thing that Phil did for the AFA members or for the public that need advice on super, investments and the family protection of risk insurance? It has been reported that there has been a massive loss of 10,000 ARs due to the implosion of the industry by well meaning but wide-of-the-mark (debilitating) regulation. Phil and his FPA counterpart leave a legacy of not only failing to achieve anything for the health of our industry, but failing to use their lobbying power and status as a govt-recognized industry representative body to defend his members and demonstrate to the decision makers the obvious unintended, catastrophic, consequences of the poor and misdirected legislation that the AFA supported and everyone agrees has seen the public worse off. Even though this is in plain sight, no one has been prepared to speak up as many more advisers and their clients are headed for the side-lines.

Phil is a nice bloke with a great hair cut!

Apparently we paid him about half a million dollars a year in wages and other, he can afford a nice haircut.

"...we paid him about half a million dollars a yesr..." I didn't pay him anything personally (accept compliments) and I've never been an AFA member. He dresses really stylish as well.

Like to see you do better. What a horrid job dealing with politicians all of the time, especially with the backdrop of the Royal Commission. Phil Kewin is a great leader and person and did very well with the AFA in trying circumstances and I wish him all the best with the new position

Pretty sure that the General Insurance brokers are predominantly remunerated through commissions. Happy to be corrected it not ???????

There is no predominantly about it! It’s all comms. The same with mortgages, equipment finance etc. If Kewin is heading there you can only expect it’s because that’s where the next flare up will be.

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