Rowe resigns from FASEA board

The chief executive of CountPlus, Matthew Rowe, has resigned his position on the board of the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).

Rowe confirmed his resignation to Money Management today after it was noted that his status as a serving board member had changed on the FASEA website.

Rowe, who is a past chairman of the Financial Planning Association (FPA), said he had resigned because of work pressures associated with CountPlus’s recent acquisition of Count Financial from the Commonwealth Bank.

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“I have my hands full dealing with settling down that transaction,” he said.

Rowe is understood to have tendered his resignation from the FASEA board about two weeks’ ago.

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Dr Mark Brimble and Dr Simon Longstaff next in line to resign......?

I doubt it. FASEA must be an absolute gold mine for those two conflicted hypocrites. They'll stay there until they get forced out by a corruption enquiry or a competent Minister.

Maybe he started the FASEA Ethics Course...and released...he has a conflict?

Laughing !

He resigned because he is “too busy”.
Diddums- what about all the extra heartache, workload and stress he and his fellow FASEA stooges have created for us.

Sounds like he got out of the kitchen as it was getting too hot - shame we can’t do that.

Perhaps he read the front page of Saturday's Australian Financial Review about AMP and their Orphan clients and choked on his code of ethics. The words "disgusting...and unethical and... not in line with community expectations were used" by the journalist. I suspect it's only a matter of time before Count is investigated by Adele Ferguson/ Four Corners and some very hard questions raised about all those orphan clients that didn't return their positive consent forms when an adviser changed from Count to another licensee . Could you imagine if the general public new the extent that Count is getting commissions from orphan clients and yet this guy sits on the FASEA board and is designing a code of ethics.

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