Hartzer to exit Westpac

26 November 2019

Westpac chief executive, Brian Hartzer is stepping down in the wake of the AUSTRAC fiasco.

The big banking group announced to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) today that Hartzer would be stepping down with chief financial officer, Peter King, taking over effective from Monday, 2 December.

It said the current COO, Gary Thursby would act as CFO.

The ASX announcement said that in addition to the executive changes, long-stand director, Ewen Crouch would not b e seeking re-election at the upcoming annual general meeting and that the chairman, Lindsay Maxsted would be bringing forward his retirement.

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They should be sent to volunteer at the places where they assist and rescue the children who are exploited overseas
Not just send thoughts and prayers

Yes they likely failed the duties in high ranking roles but these systemic day to day failures can be hidden from Boards and CEOs. Too far removed. The senior execs heads should roll. Still do not know CBA execs got away Scott free.

Totally agree. Seems senior banking executives never get sacked for any bad deeds.

Scott is having trouble defending his big end of town mates.

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