Ampfp merges with Hillross Advisers Association

The AMP Financial Planners Association (ampfpa) has merged with the Hillross Advisers Association to form a new entity.

The merger, voted on by members of both groups, will see the new entity operating as The Advisers Association and headed by Neil Macdonald who has been heading up the ampfpa.

The merger has occurred at the same time as planners continue to wrestle with AMP Limited over the future of the organisation.

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Macdonald said the new association would continue an over 95-year history of representing members and supporting them as they helped clients.

“It will also give them a voice in these challenging times,” he said.

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The AMPFPA is the greatest example of fee for no service I have ever seen. To get PI cover at the aggregated AMP price you need to be a member of this waste of time association. Effectively there is nothing voluntary at all about being a member as a result. It is amusing to watch their videos saying “how extremely disappointed we are in AMP” ..... they have no pull at all vs AMP .. had a look at the annual financials ... there is $2m in the bank of the association. Wind it up and give it back to the members as part of a fee for no service look back!

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