YTML joins with BusinessBlades for new venture

Your Technology Made Lite (YTML) is targeting mid-tier practices with a new business review and solution service offering as part of the newly-rebranded YTML Group, which is launching in conjunction with BusinessBlades.

The rebranded group was said to be part of the company's medium-term vision and would include YTML Consulting, YTML Solutions and BusinessBlades.

YTML chief executive, Kevin Liao, said: "It brings together the capabilities of two great businesses with a common goal".

"This alliance gives practices direct access to technological solutions that partner with the findings of diagnostic analysis."

BusinessBlades directors, Neil O'Grady and Doug Webber have called on business to remain agile and learn to harness technology to up engagement levels with both clients and staff.

"We challenge any business that we can find room for improvement... that will lead to a more robust, sustainable practice," O'Grady said.

"The right services are being provided to the right clients for the right price and the technology is providing tailored, efficient and seamless solutions; staff are involved, engaged and motivated."

Liao said YTML would work toward maintaining a solid market position and its focus on sustainability for services.

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