Yash Sodhi crowned FSC Future Leader winner

Challenger’s Yash Sodhi has won the 2017 Financial Services Council (FSC) Future Leaders Award with his proposal of a ‘Smarter Super’ program.

Participants in the FSC Future Leaders Award Program were asked to present a solution to the question, what does the future of super look like?

Sodhi’s winning entry proposed a ‘Smarter Super’ program, in which members would have had their own tailored investment glidepath. The investments would have been individually created to holistically reflect an individual’s financial situation.

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The implementation of the program would have involved using member data to create tailored investment plans. It also would have embraced graphics by remodelling annual member statements to include an ‘on track’ gauge, which would provide a visual depiction of members’ retirement prospects.

FSC chief executive officer, Sally Loane said that Sodhi’s incorporation of data and technology was key to his victory.

“Yash’s winning entry taps into the hot topics of retirement income and the dissemination of data through technology. It is a thought-provoking and viable solution to the challenges faced by retirement product manufacturers and their consumers,” she said.

Sodhi was proud to have participated in the program, saying that he found it to be much more than a course in professional development.

“It challenges its participants to continually question the status quo, and then take responsibility for finding new solutions … I have no doubt that the learnings I take with me from this year’s program will play an important role in guiding my future professional and personal journey,” he said.

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Instead of handing out internal back slapping awards when is Sally Loane prepared to answer questions concerning the LIF. To be specific why the FSC withheld information from ASIC proving that churn was not in fact an industry issue as admitted by ASIC once the LIF was passed and this information was provided by the FSC members?

Of course not Lee, the FSC only wants to learn how to push advisers out of the system, they dont care about anyone else except themselves and thier profits. They are a bunch of greedy no good fat cats with too much money and too much time on thier hands. A glidepath indeed, lifestages anyone? The FSC is just a greed based lobby group with way too much power .

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