Will the $450 super threshold be removed before the election?

Women in Super (WIS) has called on the Government to commit passing the legislation to remove the $450 superannuation threshold given it did not pass during the last Parliament sitting of the year.

The legislation was part of a superannuation bill that was listed for debate this week and WIS said it was now unknown whether the bill would be tabled before the next election.

WIS chair, Kara Keys, said it was extremely disappointing that a bill with bipartisan support that had been so long in the making would be jettisoned on the last sitting day of the year.

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“The Morrison Government needs to explain why it has walked away from this uncontroversial legislation that would improve women’s lives,” Keys said.

“It is disappointing that a measure that has a negligible cost to the government, a potentially big impact on women and was announced over three years ago has been dropped from a very light legislative program.

“Women in Super calls on the Morrison Government to commit to passing this legislation in February.”

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