SA employees being underpaid $1,600 a year in super

27 September 2019

South Australian workers are having $283 million in superannuation unpaid from them by employers, with the average person missing out on $1,600 a year.

Analysis of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) data from 2016-2017 by Industry Super Australia revealed over 170,000 people not receiving their legal super entitlement.

The top 10 worst effected electorates in the state were Makin, Port Adelaide, Adelaide, Wakefield, Hindmarsh, Sturt, Barker, Boothby, Kingston, and Mayo.

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By 2025 it was estimated the total amount of super South Australian workers would miss out on would be projected to reach $3.7 billion.

Bernie Dean, Industry Super Australia chief executive, had called on the South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Wage Theft to make a recommendation to the Federal Government to align the payment of super with wages.

“The only way to stop unpaid super is for the Federal Government to make super payable on payday,” Dean said.

“The South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry has a chance to help fix this problem once and for all.”

“Workers are having their super stolen right across the state – no electorate is immune. South Australian federal and state politicians have a responsibility to ensure workers are paid their legal entitlements and it’s time action was taken.”

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