KAPLAN lays out exam prep

Education provider Kaplan Professional believes although there are calls from corners of the industry to extend the deadline for the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) financial adviser examination, many licensees and their financial advisers have taken a proactive approach and are already on the front foot with exam preparation.

Kaplan’s FASEA exam preparation workshops had also been available, which had been developed in conjunction with the industry to offer adequate preparation resources.

Their full day exam preparation course is available monthly in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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Advisers would also have the option to sit the Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam (KAPE) after practicing in the workshop, and tailored versions for corporate groups were available too.

Brian Knight, Kaplan Professional chief executive officer (CEO), said while an extension may provide extra time to prepare, advisers should not sit back and lose momentum.

“We have been encouraging licensees to avoid a situation where the deadline looms and advisers have the stress of an exam and the education requirements hanging over their head,” Knight said.

“With so much riding on performance in FASEA’s exam, it is our belief advisers need to dedicate a significant amount of time where they focus solely on their exam preparation.

“It is vital advisers are supported to be proactive and diligent in their preparation, so they can feel positive about sitting the exam when they are ready.”

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All those advisers that previously thrived in the industry because of being at the top of 'league ladders' must be panicking as they will actually need to produce some real FP knowledge and not just smarmy, self-promoting hubris! Maybe instead of suffering the embarrassment of failure, they should just return to their original careers - bank officer.

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