Zenith appoints third analyst from financial planning group

Zenith Investment Partners has announced the appointment of James Damicoucas as the firm’s new associate investment analyst, the third research analyst who has joined Zenith from the financial planning industry.

Damicoucas spent two and half years as an associate financial adviser with Perpetual Private and Wattle Partners, formerly Sornem Private Wealth.

His appointment followed the 2017 appointments of two other ex-financial advisers, Dan Cave and Stephen Colwell, in the research team., Zenith said.

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James would undertake fund manager research as part of Zenith’s income team and would report to Andrew Yap, head of multi-asset and Australian fixed income.

“While Zenith recruits research staff from a range of industry backgrounds, our analysts with financial planning experience are able to provide unique insights to our team from the adviser’s perspective, which we can incorporate into our offering to ensure it maximises the benefits for our financial advice clients,” Yap said.

“James brings to Zenith a unique skill set that combines investment research and first-hand knowledge of the research needs of our financial planning clients.”

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