Virtual business portal launched for advisers

National consultancy group Elixir Consulting has launched a virtual business coaching portal for financial advisers in Australia.

The Evolve Alliance portal combined a business analysis tool with access to proven business strategies, including templates, how-to guides, training videos, peer-to-peer discussion and live case studies.

Sue Viskovic, founder of Elixir Consulting, said the portal would help train advisers to better run their own businesses.

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“Between added compliance and study requirements, at a time where their margins are squeezed, advisers can't afford to waste any of the limited amount of time they can dedicate to working on their business,” Viskovic said.

“And so we've designed the Evolve Alliance as a self-directed option for advisers who can't access our coaching support directly.”

“We have intentionally priced it in a way that every advice business can afford the subscription - especially if they get in on the Foundation membership offer.”

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