RIAA announces new board

Ausbil Investment Management head of ESG research, Mans Carlsson, has been appointed to the Responsible Investment Association of Australia (RIAA) board, his first time being elected.

Carlsson would join Ross Piper (Christian Super chief executive), Kathryn McDonald, Grace Palos (Future Super chief customer officer), Dave Rae (Federation Financial planner), and Farren Williams (Koda Capital partner) who had been re-elected to the board at the association annual general meeting.

They would joined existing members Susheela Peres da Costa (Regnan head of advisory), Francie Doolan, Justin Medcalf (Ethinvest associate adviser), Matt Mimms (The Investment Store owner), Arti Prasad (ANZ change analyst), Daniela Jaramillo (Sustainable Investing director), and Simon O’Connor (RIAA CEO).

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The RIAA had seen membership growth of 31%, up to 403 members, and almost 40,000 downloads of RIAA research reports.

In June 2021, RIAA commenced implementation of a rolling three-year strategy, which would be updated annually.

As part of this shift, RIAA updated its strategic objectives to capitalise on the momentum and rapidly changing environment across a critical decade, out to 2030.

“RIAA’s strategy aims to position us as the authority and standard setter focused on moving the market towards responsible investment and finance that delivers real sustainability outcomes whilst being highly valued by our community of members as the place for impactful collaboration,” the association said.

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