Money Management announces new editor

In what will be an end of an era for Money Management and Super Review, managing editor, Mike Taylor, will depart the company with news editor, Jassmyn Goh, taking over as editor.

Taylor’s final day for his beloved masthead would be the Fund Manager of the Year awards on 27 May, 2021.

As a journalist for the past 46 years, Taylor’s career spanned coverage of financial services, federal and state politics, and industrial relations.

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Taylor had been at Money Management and Super Review for 18 years and was instrumental in positioning them as leading publications to the wealth management and superannuation sectors.

Taylor would be stepping into a new project focused on meeting the changing needs of financial advisers, fund managers and superannuation fund trustees in the current changing regulatory environment.

“I have had the privilege of editing Money Management and Super Review for more than 18 years and I know that I am leaving it in the safe hands of Jassmyn Goh – someone who has cut her teeth on the publication and respects its objectives in the same way as I do,” Taylor said.

“The financial planning and superannuation industries are currently undergoing some fundamental changes.

“I am involved in a project aimed at providing them with the information they need to help navigate that change.”

Goh had been with Money Management and Super Review for almost five years and her previous experience included having reported from London, New York, and Jakarta covering institutional investment, wealth management, finance, international development, sustainability, and the environment. 

With her depth of industry experience and tenure with the company, Goh was the standout candidate for the position.

“Mike has been an indispensable part of the team over the past 18 years, and I will forever be grateful for his support, wisdom, and energy he has imparted daily,” Goh said.

“The team will no doubt miss his lively presence but wish him the very best for his future ventures.

“The team is looking forward to a new era at Money Management and the future opportunities to come.”

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Thanks Mike Taylor for reporting intelligently and with a great understanding of the depth of issues surrounding the financial advice industry, all the best for the next stage of your life.

Thanks Mike - you always were the voice on our side in the media, with a thorough knowledge of what we do as planners, and what we have been going through. I hope the future of this publication lends the same empathy and real feeling as you have, as opposed to simply publishing media releases it receives.

Best wishes for your next adventure, hope it is hugely profitable for you.

Thanks Mike for your sterling positioning of the industry for a considerable period. Best wishes for your new endeavour.

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