BT launches new managed portfolios

21 January 2019

Following a 121 per cent increase in funds under administration for the 12 months to 30 November 2018, and more than 15 per cent of that in managed accounts, BT has launched CoreSeries, which are six active diversified managed portfolios available on BT Panorama’s full and compact menu.

CoreSeries would cater to different risk profiles with no portfolio level investment management fees and an underlying management fee of between 50 basis points (bps) and 78 bps, with the balanced option at 68 bps.

BT head of investment product, Rodney Greenhalgh, said the managed portfolios were structured as a separately managed account, and would offer portfolio transparency, trading efficiencies and a competitive fee structure.

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“CoreSeries offers advisers and their retail clients access to a range of high quality investment managers with several strategies not otherwise available in Australia to retail investors,” he said.

“We have utilised our institutional portfolio construction capabilities and scale to deliver a purpose built SMA with a range of benefits to our clients and their advisers.”

Greenhalgh said adviser support was a key focus of the CoreSeries, with access to a support team of investment specialists as well as comprehensive reporting, research and tools, which includes a comprehensive self-service web portal with regular reporting and insights.

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