BetaShares launches four ethically screened SMAs

BetaShares has launched four new ethical separately managed accounts (SMAs), making it the first exchange traded fund (ETF) provider in Australia to launch such offerings.

The BetaShares Australian Sustainability Leaders SMA would hold direct equities and provide exposure to Australian companies that met its sustainability and ethical standards. The portfolio was based on the methodology of BetaShares’ Australian Sustainability Leaders ETF.

The ETF provider also launched three multi-asset SMAs which would combine BetaShares Global Sustainability leaders ETF for equities with its Ethical Diversified Bonds ETF.

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BetaShares chief executive officer, Alex Vynokur, said he was proud of the fact that BetaShares was the first Australian ETF manager to bring ethical SMAs to market amid strong demand for these investment options.

“Investors are increasingly seeking to align their portfolios with their values while at the same time meeting their investment goals,” Vynokur said.

“These ethical SMAs will offer investors more choice to achieve these complementary goals via true-to-label investment solutions.

“Financial advisers continue to play an important role in the adoption of ethical investment options. Our ethical SMAs will allow financial advisers greater scope to recommend market leading solutions to their clients as ethical options cement their place in investor portfolios.”

Investors could access the BetaShares’ ethical SMAs on the Praemium platform, with additional platforms expected to offer them in the near future.

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