AMP announces chair and CEO salaries

AMP has today confirmed that its new chair, David Murray, and its acting chief executive, Mike Wilkins, will receive annual salaries of $850,000 and $1.46 million inclusive of superannuation, respectively.

Wilkins would receive the above salary until 31 December, 2018 unless a permanent CEO is appointed or he and AMP mutually agree on another date, in which case it would be pro-rated accordingly. He would not be eligible for any short or long-term incentives.

While Wilkins would not receive any director fees while serving as an executive, he would be paid an addition $70,1000 for the additional responsibilities he assumed as acting executive chair from 30 April, this year to 20 June.

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Murray would receive no additional fees for his participation in board committees or subsidiary company boards.

AMP said that both remuneration arrangements were benchmarked against industry standards.

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