All change in shadow financial services role

Jane Hume has been appointed as shadow finance minister while Stuart Robert will take over as shadow minister for financial services.

Hume had been minister for financial services, superannuation and the digital economy in the Morrison Government since May 2019. She also added a role as minister for women’s economic security in March 2021.

While she remained as a Senator for Victoria, she had moved from her financial services role to one as shadow finance minister and shadow public service minister.

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Writing on LinkedIn, Hume said: “There is a lot of work to be done, and in uncertain times scrutiny and accountability of government is more important than ever. I look forward to the work ahead.”

Taking over the financial services post was Stuart Robert while Angus Taylor would be Shadow Treasurer.

Robert was formerly minister for employment, workforce, skills, small and family business and had been assistant treasurer from August 2018-May 2019. He was the member for Fadden in Queensland.

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Who cares, they have both proven in the past to be puppets of Frydenscum and totally anti Real Advisers.
I’m just so happy that many Advisers with the strong support of the AIOFP helped get rid of Frydenscum and the worst LNP govt.
So happy to see them gone.

i am always interested in comments about the libs and Fin Services. Libs wound back FOFA, then ignored the call from a RC until labor and the ABC wouldnt let it go. Of course Libs cowered and crumbled in the face of the corporate media across many issues,...i dont see it getting better, actually worse. until the corporate media is burned down, nothing will improve.

The LNP was in Govt 75% of the last 22 yrs, and I have been an Adviser for 24 yrs.
How can you not blame the LNP for the Gordian Knot of utter BS Red Tape rubbish, triplicated costly compliance that is Advice today.
Sure it’s ASIC, AFCA, etc too need to be blamed. But they are Government bodies the the LNP was in charge of 75% of the time overseeing the crap piled on.
How can the LNP not be blamed ????
Oh yeh it must have been the Advisers fault hey, let’s blame them.
I truly hope Frydenscum never returns to politics.

Colin, your name calling and use of scum to refer to Frydenberg is one of the reasons we can't be taken seriously. Have a measured and respectful debate or stay out of the conversation

Colin, the LNP made several attempts to make changes but each attempt resulted in both the Greens and Labor blocking any attempted reforms. LNP put through two attempts at amending FOFA and it was blocked. Labor said they'd implement 100% of the RC recommendations. Reforms were shouted down as "watering down consumer protection mechanisms". I don't blame them. You're better off taking your anger out at your peers that created this mess and those industry associations that took your money and fooled you into thinking they represented you.

Jane Hume also has the role of chairing the Coalition's investigation into their mammoth electoral defeat. Can you believe it? I was hoping the Coalition would learn their lesson and come back stronger at the next election. Those hopes are fading fast. Meanwhile Labor appear willing to go much further than their election promises to fix some of our problems. Who would have thought?

Jane Hume was a disgrace for Financial Services Stuart. Hopefully you'll do a better job of actually LISTENING to financial planners Stuart, after all we are at the coal face and are the ones with the direct ear of our clients.

We hate you Stuart.

But with a smile on our face we are bending the ear of anyone who will even consider voting for you.

By the dizen, by the hundreds, by the thousands.

We hate you.

And you created our hate.

Bit harsh Wither. He's only been in the job a few days. Hume and Frydenberg on the other hand are fully deserving of your opprobrium. If Hume was in the lower house she'd have most financial advisers in the country supporting a teal candidate to oust her.

I've had a good personal experience with Stuart Robert. Struck me as someone willing to listen and work hard for the public good. Tough gig though after O'Dwyer and Hume trashed our industry and turned thousands of financial advisers from LNP advocates into enemies. Financial advisers have been influencers long before the term became trendy, so it was a grave mistake by the LNP and Robert now has the toughest gig in parliament.

Jane Hume has said nothing of any importance and done nothing whatsoever in relation to financial services.
An abject failure of immense proportions.
Every single time she opened her mouth, it was verbal diarrhoea and meaningless rhetoric.
She spoke nothing but utter shit and had the blatant audacity to tell advisers that the worst of regulatory change was over when her own Govt was complicit and negligent in the extreme.
A utter waste of space and should have been sacked or never allowed to hold any position of authority whatsoever.

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