XTB expands range of corporate bonds

Australian-based provider of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)-traded corporate bond investments, XTB is expanding its range of corporate bonds, with four new XTBs now available to trade.

The company would have a total of more than 50 XTBs available on the ASX, with the newest XTBs being bonds from issuers who proved popular with investors.

XTB’s co-founder and chief executive, Richard Murphy added: “The new XTBs are at the higher end of our available yields and have longer maturities, which allows investors looking for longer-term investments to access bond returns up until 2026.”

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“XTBs have changed the game and we are growing fast on the ASX because we are stacking the once empty shelves in the corporate bond section of the ASX supermarket.

“We are now well in excess of $250 million of XTBs sold and as the business has developed we have seen our investor base change from largely advised clients to a greater interest from self-directed investors.”

According to the firm, XTBs allowed investors to gain exposure to individual Australian corporate bonds issued by leading corporates on the ASX and each XTB delivered the price stability and income from a specific underlying corporate bond with no minimum investment.

“Witch rock-bottom interest rates, investors are looking for real alternatives to term deposits (TD),” Murphy said.

“XTBs are catering to those needs as they offer a risk profile that’s just above TDs on a risk return spectrum and provide stable and predictable returns.”

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