Tech investment trends accelerated by COVID-19 to stay

The technological growth trends that capitalised on the COVID-19 pandemic that some viewed as temporary tailwinds remain as strong as ever for investing, according to Franklin Templeton.

Franklin Templeton portfolio manager, Francyne Mu, said trends such as e-commerce and new digital behaviours had been accelerated by the pandemic and over the long-term these sectors continued to be well-positioned for substantial growth.

The four key digital growth trends were e-commerce, cybersecurity, online education, and digital payments.

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“Take cybersecurity as an example. The shift last year to employees working from home increased the need for cybersecurity software and accelerated the adoption of cloud-based applications. We believe that business is likely to stick as enterprises make permanent changes to support a more mobile workforce,” Mu said.

“To capitalise on these long-term secular growth trends, we employ in-depth, bottom-up research to uncover high-quality growth companies that have both the technological and operational prowess to build lasting competitive advantages in these areas.”

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