Main Sequence partners with Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical has been announced as a strategic investor for technology investment fund Main Sequence’s second fund.

The partnership would be built around using money as a force for good and would aim to help solve some of the greatest challenges in health, food, space, and industrial productivity through the creation, investment, and acceleration of deep tech companies.

Australian Ethical, who invests in start-up companies like clean hydrogen power company Endua and animal-free dairy company Eden Brew, would provide venture capital to Main Sequence.

Mike Zimmerman, partner at Main Sequence, welcomed Australian Ethical’s investment as it reflected a shared commitment to helping tackle climate change and other global challenges.

“This month’s IPCC report has highlighted the urgency of the situation we face and the diminishing window of opportunity to do something. As such, it also highlighted the urgent mandate for both ethical investing and innovative technologies and solutions — making Australian Ethical and Main Sequence a potent pairing,” Zimmerman said.

CSIRO chief executive, Dr Larry Marshall said the partnership would aim to continue the growth of the CSIRO Innovation Fund, managed by Main Sequence.

“We created the fund to bridge the gap that separates great Australian science and traditional investors, so we can translate more great Australian science into real-world solutions that make life better for everyone and create new companies and jobs at the same time,” Marshall said.


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