Kaplan offering free exam support

Kaplan Professional will offer free Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam preparation support.

The education provider would offer:

  • Free enrolment into all three versions of the Kaplan Adviser Practice Exam (KAPE);
  • Free monthly webinars focused on how advisers can perform at their best when preparing for and sitting the FASEA exam; and
  • Individual tutoring with experienced industry practitioners for those who need it will also be available at cost.

Brian Knight, Kaplan Professional chief executive, said Kaplan responded to advice from FASEA that almost half of the advice industry is yet to pass the FASEA exam.

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“With only five sittings of the FASEA exam remaining after the next round in late January and early February, we believe it is now more important than ever for advisers to focus on their preparation as a matter of priority before they run out of time,” Knight said.

“We hope this will go some way towards helping advisers who are yet to pass with the support they need to sit the FASEA exam with as much confidence as possible.”

KAPE was designed to simulate the conditions, duration and structure of the FASEA exam with questions Kaplan’s subject matter experts which were regularly reviewed to ensure they were in line with FASEA’s latest exam guidance.

Advisers would be able to complete each version of KAPE unsupervised in their own time, as well as gain access to an online exam preparation room and receive prompt detailed feedback after they complete KAPE to identify possible areas for improvement.

“We know there are advisers out there who are apprehensive about sitting the FASEA exam or have failed and may be struggling with some self-doubt,” Knight said.

“We have had over 6,000 advisers complete KAPE, with many acknowledging its importance as a valuable preparation tool that helped when sitting the actual FASEA exam.

“What we have found is that advisers are actually confident and familiar with most of the content covered in the FASEA exam – the key is to try to get them to feel comfortable with performing at their best under high-pressure exam conditions.”

Knight said advisers who passed the FASEA exam then had until 1 January, 2026, to decide whether to complete further study or exit the industry.

“Passing the FASEA exam will give these advisers more time to carefully consider what they want to do going forward, completing ongoing study or thinking through succession strategies,” Knight said.

“It is vital advisers are in the best position they can be to make considered decisions about their future plans.”

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Turn it up Kaplan! I'm demanding a refund of the $500 or so I spent last year completing the course. Unbelievable.

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