FPA helps advisers navigate FASEA

7 March 2019

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has launched an online education portal, Return to Learn, with the intention of helping financial advisers navigate the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority’s (FASEA’s) higher education requirements.

The education portal promised easy access to accurate information on the latest education and ethics policy developments and implications, as well as study tools.

Dante De Gori, The FPA’s chief executive, said many advisers intending to stick out the reforms were confused by the “misinformation” as to what they’re required to do, and hopes the education hub will lead advisers on the right path.

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“Return to Learn cuts through the noise and misinformation to make the path forward as clear and easy as possible for our 14,000 plus FPA members to navigate,” he said.

The hub was developed in-house by the FPA’s education and policy experts with co-operation from FASEA-approved tertiary education providers, and includes code of ethics and education tools as well as a guide to study credits, video tutorials on preparing for exams, and information on course costs.



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There is a person that should be undertaking the degree, especially the ethics part!! Bet that never happens!!

Any points for a correct guess - the list could be long?

Hang on wasn't Dante De Gori at the Royal Commission being questioned over his handling of a complaint involving a relationship with a TV personality. Do these guys still exist? I thought the Royal Commission shut them down? Have I missed something?

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