Taking a break for a swim

With several states back in lockdown, it was unsurprising that Parliamentary sessions were back to Zoom and Outsider is amused to see Parliament House is not immune from lost connections. 

At a Parliamentary committee hearing on financial advice, both Synchron’s Don Trapnell and Easton’s Nathan Jacobsen fell foul of intermittent internet connections. 
With no witnesses to question for the day, this left the Parliamentarians to chat amongst themselves and watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympic women’s swimming relay.

Tim Wilson, Jason Falinski, Andrew Leigh, and Celia Hammond could all be heard discussing their lockdown situations before switching over to watch Australia take a silver medal.

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However, it looked like the speakers had varying internet speeds as there was disagreement over which country was winning at any point while Wilson complained about having to watch a 15-second advert while the page loaded. 

Outsider is pleased to see our Parliamentarians supporting their fellow Australians in Tokyo and is sure they are not the only ones taking a break from work. 

Outsider did also enjoy the Parliamentarian commentary and perhaps rather than holding their elected seats, they could take over from Bruce McAvaney, Johanna Griggs, Luke Darcy, and Basil Zempilas – the latter of which having already forayed into politics himself.

Every time Zempilas commentates another successful Australian swimming win, Outsider is left to wonder how he manages to do that and have the time to simultaneously be Lord Mayor of Perth. 

Outsider is also sure there were far more people were watching the Olympics than the committee hearing, which even Wilson admitted would be a “delusional idea”.

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