O Little Code of FASEA

O little board of FASEA
How still we see thee lie
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
The silent months go by
Yet in thy ineptitude shineth
Every poor adviser’s plight
Exams and codes and many fears
Are met in thee tonight

For FASEA is born of O’Dwyer
And gathered all above
While advisers weep, the regulators keep
Giving legal action a shove
O planning groups together
Proclaim the unholy birth
And lobbying ring to Frydenberg the King
Of policy there is a dearth

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How silently, how silently
The wondrous code is given
So FASEA imparts to adviser’s hearts
An exam timetable that is driven
No ear may hear FASEA coming
But amid Royal Commission sin
Where weak souls will receive it still
FASEA enters in.

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That about sums it up. Please do come back next year. I need a laugh occasionally.

When the bards and poets start noticing the issues and waxing lyrical, we know we have a problem!


This was a 2018 Xmas carol sung to the tune of "We three Kings of Orient"

We, the Board of FASEA are,
Decree you’re screwed, if not on the FAR
By December twenty eighteen
We’ve gone for the jugular

You all ask us, what is this shyte
You’re all angry, you’re up for a fight
Ethics exceeding, ‘cause we think you’re cheating
Your words, no interest in the slight

Despite we hide, our conflicts are plain
For we, the Board have so much to gain
Pain forever. ceasing never
FASEA are born to reign

The times we gave, we knew they were tight,
We spread our message, often at night
We’re not conceding, but proceeding
‘cause we think we’re just so damn right.

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