Lost connections

No one saw the COVID-19 pandemic – and our reliance on telecommuting – coming but after having the chance years ago to build a high-speed internet network, Outsider has become frustrated at seeing Coalition MPs laugh off the common dropouts of the system.

On this such occasion, the dropout struck during the ASX’s portion of a Parliamentary hearing, rather poetic for the exchange that has gained recent notoriety for its own dropout.
Senator Andrew Bragg quipped “The NBN isn’t working… which would be unusual because the NBN has held up extremely well during the pandemic”.

As Coalition members smugly chuckled over the policy train wreck of their former communications minister and Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, Outsider was quick to remember it was them who decided to scale back the effectiveness of the network.

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And thus, Outsider’s laughter at those Coalition members internet misfortunes quickly turned to bitterness as he realised there was no self-awareness over the situation.

These dropouts and connections have been common during Outsider’s coverage of Parliament, not to mention his own general day-to-day office doings.

Now, working from home during the pandemic lockdown in Sydney, let’s hope Outsider can file this story lest his own internet drops out once again.

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