Gold medal for advertising

If there was a gold medal for advertising in the Olympics, Outsider believes Aware Super would take out the gold medal spot.

Outsider is of course referring to the superannuation fund’s television ad that refers to investing as “a marathon, not a sprint”. However, it is important to mention that Outsider spent two weeks feeling exhausted just from viewing such events.

Despite the Olympics now completed, Outsider suspects this won’t be the last he hears about Aware’s advertisements, given the scrutiny over what member money is spent on, it would be likely that this advertising spend will called into question over whether it is in “members best interests”.

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But industry super is no debutante when it comes to sports advertising, the largely Melbourne-based industry invests heavily in multiple Australian Football League teams, as well as the NRL’s Melbourne Storm. Purely only for promotional purposes, I’m sure.

Outsider spoke to the vast Money Management marketing division as to whether our humble publication would be advertising during Olympics, only to be told our budget may not be sufficient to cover such an expense.

Such a shame too, just as Ariarne Titmus became a brand ambassador for Harvey Norman, Outsider feels her coach Dean Boxall exemplifies the spirit Money Management contributes towards journalism.

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Naughty. You are going to cause much angst.

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