Is FASEA imposing water torture?

Outsider knows that advisers have had to jump through hoops since the Royal Commission, especially the new education requirements.

Outsider recently got wind of the FASEA exam conditions and was surprised (but should not have been surprised) that it too had hoops. Namely, a water hoop.

Advisers sitting the exam are not allowed to have water bottles on their desks for the 3.5 hour exam. They have to raise their hand, ask for permission, walk to the back of the room, locate their similar looking bottle, and then take a chug. Or, there is a water fountain. 

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Advisers have been rightly outraged by this disruption for an exam that has already added a huge amount of stress to their lives. 

Perhaps FASEA believes they will write answers on their bottles despite it being an open book exam, or maybe that advisers will be drinking other clear liquids – maybe that might help them navigate the convoluted exam questions!

Outsider is just happy he does not have to ask for permission for access to drinking water in his day-to-day life – which by the way is recognised by the UN as a human right to have access to safe water.

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Its not a major issue. Because the time is so ridiculously long, you have to take a toilet break during the exam anyhow, as a general rule.

You missed the point Steve. It is humiliating and completely unnecessary. We are being treated like criminals

Yes, point taken. But I'm glad now the Govt has forced me to thoroughly study ASICs regulations. You can see how the Union Super Funds have rorted them, until now. They will discover forcing 20,000 advisers to know the law backwards is going to bite them in the butt big time over the next decade.

Yes Steve , advisers now need to be lawyers to operate - maybe about time we started charging like them - $800 an hour. Costs up.

Agreed Steve - one should never push their enemy into a corner from which there is no escape as it leave only one option - fight back. No we are being forced to read and read again the rule - perhaps that is the ammunition we need?

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