A family affair

In uncertain times like this, Outsider is sure there have been many fraught conversations around the dinner table as people try and convince their family and friends to get the COVID-19 vaccination. 

What one person sees as a life-saving vaccine, another may view as a conspiracy theory or be reluctant to get the jab for various reasons.
However, Outsider had not expected Australia’s very own deputy chief medical officer, Dr Nick Coatsworth, to be facing the same problem with his family.

Speaking at the Association of Financial Advisers annual conference, Dr Coatsworth said his mother and aunt had been hesitant to get the vaccine, despite their family member being a high-profile face in Australia’s vaccination efforts and appearing in numerous public health campaigns.

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Dr Coatsworth reassured delegates that after listening to their concerns, he had managed to successfully convince them to go and get their jab. Appealing to his financial adviser audience, Dr Coatsworth likened the conversation to one about risk profiling and establishing how risky the vaccine was for each individual.

Outsider wonders if Dr Coatsworth could make a trip from Canberra to Sydney and convince a few people he knows…

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