Ever-hopeful of travel

Maybe it was the groundhog-like nature of lockdown getting the better of him or maybe there was some dust in his eye, but Outsider felt oddly emotional watching the latest Qantas advertisement.

The advert shows a family flying to Disneyland, a father visiting his daughter overseas, and a couple travelling to a wedding – all having been jabbed first, of course. 

On social media, the advert was widely praised for giving more encouragement to people to get vaccinated than any of the national Government campaigns. 

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Given Qantas staff have been furloughed for many, many months as the border closures have dragged on, they have had some time to think about creating the best campaign possible. 

In its company results, the firm reported a $1.7 billion statutory loss, which followed a $1.9 billion loss in the previous year, in what has been an unprecedented period for the aviation industry. 

Nevertheless, its shares are up 28% over the past year which will be a reassurance to Alan Joyce, once the highest-paid chief executive in Australia.

While Outsider may be a bit too old to be visiting Disneyland, he still has his own travel plans on the horizon and had better check his passport is still in date.

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