Drinks reception in the kitchen

To break up the tedium of the current lockdown, Outsider spent the past week listening to the virtual Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Superannuation Investment conference. 

After another busy day of sessions on topics such as investment governance and defensive investment strategies, he was amused when panel moderator Ken Marshman from

REST said: “That’s the end of the conference, drinks are being served in my kitchen”.

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How Outsider wept at the thought of all the drinks receptions he’s missed in the past year. 

While he enjoys the insightful content provided at these conferences and finds them a valuable source of future stories and networking opportunities, he cannot deny that he is missing the, ahem, other benefits of a conference. 

A few days in a luxury hotel, few rounds of golf, time away from the office, time away from being shouted at by Mrs O at home, drinks receptions and three-course swanky dinners with free-flowing wine, what’s not to like? 

While he probably said the same thing in 2020 unfortunately, he is still hopeful 2022 will be the year they return. 

Now he is off to make a drink in his own kitchen, because you’re so faraway, Ken.

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