Do dreams ever come true?

Outsider does not have many, or any, big dreams. All Outsider ever needs to feel content is a single malt, regular golf sessions, and Mrs O not yelling at him. Though, it would be weird if Mrs O was not  yelling at Outsider.

However, it came to Outsider’s attention that perhaps he did have a dream that had not been yet fulfilled. 

This realisation came about during a Parliamentary session on financial advice that Outsider was covering for this very publication.

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You see, it all happened when the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s CEO Dante De Gori was being grilled by Liberal backbencher, Tim Wilson, who noticed some framed images behind De Gori as he appeared via video link.

As Wilson finished up his line of questioning, he asked De Gori: “Final question from me. Michela and Lucas: are they your kids?”

De Gori: “Yes, they are”.

Wilson: “There you go. Michela and Lucas De Gori, you’ve just been mentioned in Hansard”.

Labor’s Andrew Leigh said: “I’m sure they’ve now realised their dreams!”

For you see dear reader, Outsider has been diligently reporting on Parliament for over 40 years and never had such a mention in Hansard!

Now all Outsider can think about is if or when he will ever be mentioned in Hansard. Alas, being yelled at from another room will have to do for now. 

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