A crop top scenario

In yet another nod to the demise of office life following the pandemic, Outsider read how men’s suits had been taken out of the ‘basket of goods’ used to measure inflation in the UK for the first time since 1947.

The basket, which was changed regularly, contained representative items acquired by households such as clothing, alcohol and household equipment.

Men’s suits were first added in 1947 but were replaced this year by ‘formal jacket or blazer’, reflecting the fact that many men were perhaps wearing a jacket on their Zoom meetings and favouring shorts on their lower half which was out of shot. 

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While Outsider does traditionally favour a suit, he cannot deny he has partaken to more casual dressing during the working from home era.

Another addition to the basket was ‘sport bras and crop tops’ and Outsider just hopes these weren’t a like-for-like replacement or else he is going to have a shock when he eventually returns to the office. 

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