Closing the gap on buzzwords

Having been around the industry for nigh on 40 years, Outsider has seen his fair share of buzzwords come and go around the office. Never a day goes by these days without him being asked to ‘join a huddle’, ‘hop on a Zoom’ or ‘touch base’. 

But he was amused to see that someone had taken the time out of their day to compile an email to Outsider officially ranking the ‘jargon hall of shame’ for 2021.

What was the most-hated buzzword of 2021, you kindly ask? This year’s winner was ‘cohort’ while ‘we remain cautious’ came in at ninth worst – a common phrase in many firm’s investment outlooks at the moment.

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In a comment that could have well come from Outsider himself, the judges said: “[We remain cautious] are the most expensive and meaningless words in public relations and investor communications. Worse still, they are a statement of the utterly obvious in a world ravaged by a pandemic”. 

Although Outsider thinks, as he sits in his home office and gazes down at Sydney Harbour out the window with a cup of Earl Grey in hand, surely the most-hated word of 2021 must be ‘lockdown’.

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