A change in the chair

Outsider noticed a definite change in the air this month and wondered if it was the onset of spring or Sydney coming out of lockdown.

No, it was neither of those things. It was the familiar face and voice of Tim Wilson that was missing in the Parliamentary grilling of industry superannuation fund EISS Super. 

Of course, Wilson had recently been promoted to Assistant Minister to the Minister for Industry, Energy, and Emissions Reduction and would no longer chair the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics.

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Outsider did not realise he would miss Wilson’s speed reading with a tone of boredom when opening the committee or his usual probing line of questioning for super funds.

Though, industry super funds must be glad Wilson is no longer there to scrutinise their salaries and bonus structures.

It will take some time for Outsider to get used to Wilson’s absence when covering Parliament, but it seems committee member and fellow Liberal, Celia Hammond, has already done so. 

Hammond referred to Wilson as the “previous chair” and admitted she had already forgotten his name.

Outsider wishes Wilson well in his new role and sure hopes he does everything in his power to actually reduce emissions. 

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