Broken leg, not legacy

6 February 2020

Outsider knows that the girls and boys over at CommInsure have been just a bit distracted in recent times given the long, very long, nature of the transaction which will ultimately result in the company being owned by AIA Australia Limited.

But has the distraction of the transaction been such that the inhabitants of its claims area have forgotten the really negative publicity that accompanied its claims handling arrangements back in 2016 and 17?

Outsider wonders this, because he happens to know that the wife of a well-respected industry executive took a nasty tumble in her back garden resulting in fractures and other injuries prompting the executive to seek to claim on the trauma policy the family had maintained over many years for just such an occasion.

Imagine his surprise, not to say anger, when he was told that notwithstanding that the premiums had been paid right up to date that it was a “legacy” policy so…
Outsider suggests that legacy policies just don’t expire. 

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No surprises there...

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