Are you in the market for crazy?

Equities? Bonds? Alternatives? If Outsider was to take investing advice from former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, then perhaps the “market for crazy” is the best investment opportunity out there.

“I’m not exaggerating. So much of the Murdoch press – like Sky News in Australia and Fox News in the US – were trivialising COVID-19, [they said] mask wearing with a ridiculous left-wing claptrap. That global warming is a hoax, that Donald Trump won the election,” Turnbull said.

Turnbull then mentioned the Qanon conspiracy which had now gained widespread mainstream media attention.

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For those unfamiliar (and Outsider envies you), Qanon is the conspiracy theory that alleges a global, cannibalistic paedophile ring conspired against Donald Trump as President.

The appeal started online and the fanaticism has been compared to that of religious cults.

Now Outsider has led many cults in his time, but had never thought that he could use his media platform to broaden its appeal.

After several other failed investment ventures, perhaps Outsider can strike gold (sidenote: gold was one of those failed investments) by taping into the “market for crazy”.

Because based on what Outsider has seen in his life, “crazy” seems to be a very deep well. 

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