Slow and steady wins the race

A strong belief in the benefits of long-term performance and structural tailwinds was behind Hyperion Asset Management’s strategies, which won Money Management’s Overall Fund Manager of the Year award title four years ago.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Australian funds management industry staple Fund Manager of the Year awards, Money Management caught up with Hyperion managing director, Tim Samway, who said the industry had come a long way in the few short years since the firm dethroned four-year strong winner, Schroders in 2013.

“[What] has been very pleasing to see is that even more boutique managers in all asset classes have come to the fore and are prepared to throw off the shackles of benchmark hugging investment,” he said.

“Producing real returns that justify reasonable fees charged is a healthy move for the industry.”

Samway said Hyperion’s win in 2013 had reflected the hard work delivered by the firm in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

“We recognised that the Australian economy would take many years to return to normal growth, and stayed focused on companies enjoying long-term structural tailwinds,” he said.

“These companies have flourished post GFC and have delivered substantial total returns to investors.”

Hyperion had upped its focus on quality growth for Australian equities since 2013, but Samway said it would continue to approach asset management with its classic focus on longevity.

“Hyperion is disciplined in taking the long-view,” he said.

“After years of research and measured organic investment team building, we seeded a global equity fund in 2014 and three years later, we are able to offer retail investors a global equity offering based on our successful Australian process.”

As to the potential developments across the funds management industry in the next four years, Samway said he hoped to see more emphasis on the development of a perennial industry.

“More transparency fees and governance, along with investment actions to enhance confidence in the industry will lead to a more sustainable industry,” he said.

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