SMSF Association claims designation trumps bridging courses

6 August 2019

The SMSF Association has sought to make a commercial virtue out of the one-unit Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) recognition it has received for SMSF Specialist Advisor (SSA) designation.

The Association has pointed to the one-unit recognition of prior learning (RPL) value for the designation and has sought to market it as a reason for advisers to complete the course as a cheaper option to pursuing bridging courses.

“To celebrate, the SMSF Association is offering an exclusive deal, providing you the opportunity to complete the SSATM accreditation for $1,670 - substantially less than the $2,400-$3,500 cost expected for a FASEA bridging course,” the SMSF Association said.

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“Completion of the SSATM for RPL will reduce the number of bridging courses or degree/diploma courses that those holding the SSATM designation may be required to undertake to meet the FASEA education standards.

“This exclusive package offers you an opportunity to complete SMSF education directly related to your work advising SMSFs instead of a FASEA bridging course,” the SMSF Association promotional material said.

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Commercial virtue indeed. It's half the price of a bridging course because it's essentially an exam with some extremely weak learning modules. Funny thing is you can just do the express course for $1200 (exam only) and still get the same FASEA credit! WTF?!

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