Former regulator Shipton joins Superhero board

Former Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) chair, James Shipton, has joined share trading and superannuation platform Superhero.

Shipton would be a non-executive director alongside Di Challenor and join chair Philip Crutchfield and co-founders John Winter and Wayne Baskin.

Superhero, which launched in September 2020, had 200,000 investors on its platform.

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He led the regulator from 2018-2021 and was responsible for developing and implementing regulatory strategy for Australia’s financial services industry.

Prior to joining ASIC, he was an executive director at Harvard Law School and worked at the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong. He also spent a decade at Goldman Sachs.

Crutchfield said: “James’ appointment is a fantastic addition to Superhero. His extensive experience in financial services made him an ideal candidate to join our Board as we continue to innovate and grow”.

Shipton said, “I am delighted to join the board of such an innovative and high growth business, which has made major leaps forward in building new-age financial services infrastructure and democratising finance in Australia.”

“I’m eager to help Superhero grow, and leverage my industry knowledge to further develop a world class investment solution for both Australians and investors abroad.”

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Yep of course, a freaking crack pot Adviser killing regulator who was caught with his hands in the tax payer cookie jar, turns up at a Robo based super fund.
Perfect transition after helping wipe out 40% of Financial Advisers.
Oh and this super fund doesn’t pay any Commissions to Advisers.
Hey Superhero / Shipton, aren’t Commissions illegal and been illegal for years?
So why does your Superfund website boast
about not paying illegal Commissions.
Or just a catch cry to keep putting the boot into Advisers.
I hear Adviser killer Josh Frydenscum is as looking for some cushy board roles, best get that manipulator on board too.
DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR but of so predictable.

But you get Qantas frequent flyer points - so that must be a good thing!

All the pollies have done the FASEA Exam and the ethics course, so they known what they are doing legislation etc (aka killing us slowly) right! ;-)

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