Platform provider launches SMA solution

Platform provider, Powerwrap, has launched its new separately managed account (SMA) solution, which is expected help managers make timely investment decisions and capitalise in a more efficient way on market movements.

The new Powerwrap SMA would replace daily portfolio rebalancing with real-time, allowing managers to be more responsive to current market conditions.

The SMAs would also now be available to average investors, with the ability to invest at least $20,000 per model, against the previous years when they were traditionally reserved for high net worth individuals with access to minimum investments of $500,000.

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According to Powerwrap, the additional asset classes would also allow for an exposure to direct international markets, an area of increasing interest to investors.

Chief executive of Powerwrap, Cormac Heffernan, said: "As SMAs have grown and liquidity has deteriorated, model managers need a greater level of control over the trading experience in order to maximise their performance, particularly in asset classes such as small caps and hybrids."

"The ability of Powerwrap's SMAs to transact in real-time allows model managers to expand their investment universe knowing that they can act quickly.

"Next-generation SMAs will remove the roadblocks associated with traditional SMAs, making these investment strategies even more powerful."

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