First Sentier and Netwealth partner on Aussie equity fund

First Sentier Investors and Netwealth have partnered to release the First Sentier GSS Concentrated Australian Share fund which provides exposure to an actively-managed and concentrated portfolio of Australian listed growth companies.

It would be released as part of Netwealth’s Global Specialist Series (GSS) which offered a range of managed funds and managed account models that enabled Netwealth clients to construct simple, cost-effective, diversified investment portfolios.

Dushko Bajic, First Sentier head of Australian equities – growth, said: “The Netwealth GSS Concentrated Australian Share fund seeks to identify companies with strong balance sheets and earnings growth.

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“Our approach uses detailed modelling, stock research and fundamental analysis to understand each company’s drivers of earnings growth and returns on invested capital.

“We believe this disciplined and structured process is able to deliver outperformance through the full investment cycle.”

Bajic said strong credentials in environmental, social and governance (ESG) were also key to Netwealth and First Sentier Investors working together.

“We use our own research from meetings with Australian listed companies, and external providers, to consider ESG risk using a proprietary scoring system,” Bajic said.

“We look at issues such as diversity, remuneration and carbon intensity, and the company’s willingness to engage on those issues.

“Our view is that ownership and engagement is key to addressing ESG risks and enhancing clients' longer-term returns.”

Matt Heine, Netwealth joint managing director, said: “As we grow our Global Specialist Series offering, we are pleased to work with First Sentier Investors to deliver an active Australian equity fund with an attractive investment management fee.

“The GSS provides a range of building blocks for advisers and their clients to build their own investment strategies.

“Each of the GSS active single sector funds is managed by Netwealth’s chosen investment managers, who are responsible for implementing their investment strategy and purchasing the underlying investments of the fund.

“We have made the First Sentier GSS Concentrated Share Fund available through the lower cost Core menu as well as the full investment Plus menu.

“We looked carefully for a manager that could provide an active Australian equities strategy with focus on sustainable growth and outperformance.”


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