BetaShares expands its SMA presence

BetaShares has broadened its separately managed accounts (SMA) presence with an addition of its Dynamic Asset Allocation ETF Model portfolios to the Netwealth investment platform.

The firm said that the addition of the models, available via SMAs, aimed to provide advisers with convenient access to its intelligent investment solutions.

BetaShares chief executive, Alex Vynokur, said: “We’ve seen the strong demand from advisers for model portfolios, and we’re delighted that our ETF models are now accessible on Netwealth’s award-winning platform.

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“Advisers have increasing compliance and administration loads to manage, as well as meeting the ever-changing needs of clients.

“Implementing ETF model portfolios for some, or all, of their clients provides a cost-efficient, scaleable solution with high portfolio construction integrity, while saving significant time on investment and manager selection, and portfolio management.”

BetaShares also said it used an open architecture ‘best-of-breed’ ETF selection process and, as such, the model portfolios were not constructed by using only the firm’s funds, but with other ETF managers’ offerings included in the models which were based upon investment merit.

Netwealth’s joint managing director, Matt Heine, said: “It is no secret that the ETF market continues to grow exponentially. The addition of the BetaShares models, provided by one of Australia’s leading ETF manufacturers, further supports this objective.”

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