Acadian expands multi-asset range

Acadian Asset Management has expanded its multi-asset range with the launch of multi-asset, absolute return Global Macro fund.

The Acadian Global Macro fund would have a low correlation to equities while maintaining a prudent and defensive level of risk and seek to exploit inefficiencies across global markets. It would have long/short positions across five major asset classes including equities, bonds, FX, volatility and commodities.

It aimed to deliver a positive return above the S&P/ASX Bank Bill index with target volatility of around 6% over rolling three-year periods.

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Ilya Figelman, head of Acadian’s multi-asset class strategies, said: “Acadian’s Global Macro Fund is designed to seek absolute returns regardless of market conditions, by identifying and capturing diverse sources of return through portfolios that can endure severe market stress.

“We believe our approach provides a high level of differentiation, particularly compared to many standard alternative risk premia type strategies.

“We’ve sought to systematise many of the fundamental factors that drive asset class returns and as a result, the strategy includes a range of proprietary asset-class signals, particularly in commodities, as well as incorporating cross-asset macro factors and more established factors.”

BT Investment Solutions was the initial investor within its BT Diversified Alternatives Fund while Equity Trustees was the responsible entity.

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