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Two formerIWLstaff, Laila Khodr, Jenny Lee-Koksal and one of the creators of Visiplan, Robert Green, have set up a new group aimed at helping advisers purchase and fully use financial planning software.

Both Khodr and Lee-Koksal were account managers with IWL before leaving the group in May to set up the business with Green, who was one of the founders of Vision FPS, which created the original Visiplan software.

According to Khodr, Green has come out of partial retirement to launch the new company, OnCue Support, which will research software needs for dealers, make recommendations, implement software, provide training for staff and advisers within a dealer group, and recruit experienced staff in line with software used by dealer groups.

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Khodr says the group will not recommend one software package over any other and makes no commission from software sales but works on a consultancy basis.

As such, Khodr says IWL has no problems with the ex-staffers launching the new group or commenting on the IWL software package.

The group has already signed up the National Australia groups,AMP, Commonwealth Bank group andGodfrey Pembroke, and is in discussions withPremium Accountantsregarding provision of OnCue’s services.

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