Rantall urges members to imagine better future

The Financial Planning Association chief executive Mark Rantall has asked members to imagine a profession that is highly regarded by the public and the media and urged them to get behind recommended changes to higher education and professional standards.

In a note sent to members Rantall discussed the events of last year and the close alignment between the FPA's 10 Point Plan and the recommendations from the Parliamentary Joint Commission Inquiry into education and professional standards, issues which he discussed with media last week and described as an optimal set of circumstances for change.

Rantall urged members, and the wider advice sector, to get behind the changes stating that "our support will ensure the evolution of financial planning into a respected and noble profession".

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He asked members to envisage a better future where financial planning was respected and consumers were actively drawn to advisers.

"Imagine, if once and for all, the professional financial planning community gained the public trust, respect and recognition it deserves. Imagine a day, where consumers are drawn to FPA members, confident that they sign up to higher education and professional standards and will always act in their best interests," Rantall said.

"And imagine if the media was to recognise professional financial planners for the important community service they provide."

He also stated that the PJC recommendations were not the final word on what needed to take place and more work was needed in examining the details of any proposed changes before enacting them.

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