Netwealth enhances education for kids

Netwealth has announced it will continue to support Banqer, a financial education platform for Australian kids, by renewing the sponsorship.

The platform aimed to improve financial literacy in primary schools across Australia and New Zealand by offering children hands-on experience around saving, budgeting, credit, loans, superannuation, insurance, property and taxes, the firm said.

Netwealth, which said it believed that by delivering the financial education to young Australians it would help improve the financial capability in Australia over the next years, sponsored 8,279 Australian students across 160 number of schools to access independent financial education.

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“We all play a part in preparing young Australians for their financial futures and I’m pleased to report we’re well on our way to meeting our goal to sponsor 15,000 Australian students nationally,” Netwealth’s joint managing director, Matt Heine, said.

Banqer, which was launched in New Zealand in 2015 and then expanded into Australia, offered a financial education platform for primary schools and would be now free available to 15,000 Australian primary students.

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