Lonsec taps into portfolio construction

After more than two years under new ownership, research house Lonsec has branched out into the online space, launching a planner portal aimed at retirement advice and portfolio construction.

Lonsec, which was sold to Financial Research Holdings in June 2011, has partnered with consulting firm Milliman to launch a planner web portal to help with portfolio construction for retirees as the industry continues to struggle with the ‘demographic tidal wave'.

The new service, called Lonsec Retire, provides a retirement portfolio construction guide, an approved product list and Lonsec's Retirement Lifestyle Model Portfolios, which have been constructed using an objectives-based approach.

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In addition, the offering also provides advisers other tools and strategies for retirement solutions for their clients, such as white papers and detailed research on topics such as longevity risk, the politics of pensions and sequencing risk.

"The onset of the demographic shift is being felt throughout the financial services community," said Lukasz de Pourbaix, general manager for investment consulting at Lonsec.

"With over 5.5 million baby boomers in Australia approaching retirement, there will be an increased need to align portfolios to retiree needs and objectives, which in many instances will differ to those in the accumulation phase of an individual's investment lifecycle," Pourbaix added.

De Pourbaix said the solution was launched as the industry continued to struggle with the ‘demographic tidal wave' despite increased awareness of the investment issue relating to retirement.

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