Is Australia a good place to invest?

8 May 2019

Datasets used to measure past trajectory of Australian population and cultural changes can be drawn upon to predict how Australia’s future will be shaped, according to Bernard Salt at the Lonsec Symposium.

“Is Australia a good place to invest? Your youth, your energy, you career, your life, your family, your future over the next 10 years,” Salt told delegates at the Symposium.

“It’s a reasonable question to ask… should you have faith in Australia, I say unequivocally yes.”

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Salt said Australia had what the rest of the world wanted and should be a prosperous people for generations into the future.

“I think there’s going to be a mad scramble for food, energy, resources, commodities, space, security and lifestyle,” Salt said.

“We need to manage geopolitical risk and we need to manage issues around social cohesion.”

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